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The Thermoelectric Generator (TG) converts heat energy into electricity. By using this device you can gain free electrical power in any place which provides a suitable temperature difference.

The generator is based on thermoelectric materials which exhibit the so-called Peltier effect. Such material when presented to both high and low temperature at the same time, generates electrical current.

Thermoelectric Generators rely solely on material properties and use no mechanical parts. This allows them to work without any operators or maintenance for substantial periods of time.

Using a Thermoelectric Generator you can:

  • Improve the economy and energy efficiency of your company by saving energy
  • Lower the energy feed for your devices by using the heat produced during their operation
  • Produce electrical current in places where conventional supply or production is impossible
  • Impact the environment, by reducing heat and CO2 production

We offer:

The analysis of feasibility

If you’d like to know if you can reduce the power costs in your company or product, we will perform a complex analysis of feasibility of thermoelectric technologies in your particular situation. Basing on given data and inspection, we will characterize the parameters of waste heat produced in your company and assess the possibility of applying a thermoelectric generator for heat recovery.

Thermoelectric Generators Design

When you’ve decided in which context you want apply your thermoelectric generator, we will design a complex project for you. Basing on previous analysis, we will adjust specific parts, materials and the method of their assembly. We are the only team in Poland with accreditation to certify thermoelectric modules. We can pick exactly those thermoelectric modules which will prove to be most efficient in specified conditions.

Thermoelectric Generators Production

With a ready project, we will manufacture and install your thermoelectric generator, and you will be instantly able to benefit from free electrical power.

We can also continuously supply thermoelectric generators for use in your products.

We design and create thermoelectric generators on a license given by AGH UST.

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