Scanning Thermoelectric Microscope

Scanning Thermoelectric Microscope (STM) provides information about distribution of two quantities in the examined sample’s area:

  • electrical resistivity – information about the electrical conductivity of material,
  • Seebeck coefficient – information about the ability to generate electrical current when temperature difference is applied to the material.

As the result of the measurement, user obtains a 2D map of distribution of the selected properties. This map is correlated with the image of sample’s surface made with an optical microscope, integrated with STM. On the basis of this map user can determine:

  •  homogeneity of Seebeck’s coefficient and electrical conductivity in material,
  •  correlations between sample’s microstructure and its physical and chemical properties,
  • amount of different phases and their localization along the sample,
  • average values od Seebeck’s coefficient and electrical resistivity,
  • the type of charge carriers present in the sample,
  • charge carrier concentration on sample’s surface.

This data may be used for:

  • verification of homogenity of a synthesized material,
  • identification of phase and topographic microdefects on the sample’s surface,
  • quality analysis of products,
  • determination of electronic interconnections, U-I characteristics and resistivity.

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